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Holy Kitab I Iqan

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Page 161

And as to this man�s attainments, his ignorance, understanding and belief, behold what the Book which embraceth all things hath revealed; "Verily, the tree of Zaqqum [Infernal tree.] shall be the food of the Athim." [Sinner or sinful. Qur�an 44:43-44.] And then follow certain verses, until He saith: "Taste this, for thou forsooth art the mighty Karim!" [Honourable--Qur�an 44:49.] Consider how clearly and explicitly he hath been described in God�s incorruptible Book! This man, moreover, feigning humility, hath in his own book referred to himself as the "athim servant":

"Athim" in the Book of God, mighty among the common herd, "Karim" in name!



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