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Holy Kitab I Iqan

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Page 193

Let it be known, however, that none of these doctors and divines to whom we have referred was invested with the rank and dignity of leadership.

For well-known and influential leaders of religion, who occupy the seats of authority and exercise the functions of leadership, can in no wise bear allegiance to the Revealer of truth, except whomsoever thy Lord willeth. But for a few, such things have never come to pass. "And few of My servants are the thankful." [Qur´┐Żan 34:13.] Even as in this Dispensation, not one amongst the renowned divines, in the grasp of whose authority were held the reins of the people, hath embraced the Faith. Nay, they have striven against it with such animosity and determination that no ear hath heard and no eye hath seen the like.



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