Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Zend Avesta - Visperad

English translation by James Darmesteter, Dhalla, B. N. Dhabhar,
L. Mills, J. H. Peterson, C. Bartholomae
taken from


We worship Ahura Mazda as the best (worship to be offered in our gifts). We worship the Amesha Spenta (once more, and as) the best. We worship Asha Vahishta (who is Righteousness the Best). And we sacrifice to those (prayers) which are evident as the best; that is, the Praises of the Yasnas.Also we sacrifice to that best wish, which is that of Asha Vahishta, and we worship Heaven, which is the best world of the saints, bright and all glorious; and we sacrifice likewise to that best approach which leads to it.

And we sacrifice to that reward, health, healing, furtherance, and increase, and to that victory which is within the two, the Ahuna-vairya and the Airyema-ishyo, through the memorized recital of the good thoughts, words, and deeds (which they enjoin).

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-- Visperad 23 --

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