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English translation of
Holy Zend Avesta - Yasna

English translation by James Darmesteter, Dhalla, B. N. Dhabhar,
L. Mills, J. H. Peterson, C. Bartholomae
taken from


To each several man, to whom Mazda Ahura ruling at his will grant after the (petitioner's) will, I will after his will that he attain permanence and power, lay hold of Right - grant this, O Piety, - the destined gift of wealth, the life of the Good Thought,

and it shall be for him the best of all things. After his longing for bliss may one be given bliss, through the provident most holy spirit, O Mazda, even the blessings of Good Thought which thou wilt give through Right all the days with joy of enduring life.

May he attain to that which is better than the good, who would teach us the straight paths of blessedness in this life here of the body and in that of thought - true paths that lead to the world where Ahura Mazda dwells - a faithful man, well-knowing and holy like thee, O Mazda.

Then shall I recognize thee as strong and holy, O Mazda, when by the hand in which thou thyself dost hold the destinies that thou wilt assign to the Liar and the Righteous, by the glow of thy Fire whose power is Right, the might of Good Thought shall come to me.

As the holy one I recognize thee, Mazda Ahura, when I saw thee in the beginning at the birth of Life, when thou madest actions and words to have their meed - evil for the evil, a good destiny for the good - through thy wisdom when creation shall reach its goal.


At which goal thou wilt come with thy holy Spirit, O Mazda, with Dominion, at the same with Good Thought, by whose action the settlements will prosper through Right. Their judgments shall Piety proclaim, even those of thy wisdom which none can deceive.

As the holy one I recognized thee, Mazda Ahura, when Good Thought came to me and asked me: "Who art thou? to whom dost thou belong? By what signs wilt thou appoint the days for questioning about thy possessions and thyself?"

Then I said to him: "To the first (question), Zarathushtra am I, a true foe to the Liar, to the utmost of my power, but a powerful support would I be to the Righteous, that I may attain the future things of the infinite Dominion, according as I praise and sing thee, O Mazda.

As the holy one I recognize thee, Mazda Ahura, when Good Thought came to me. To his question, "For which wilt thou decide" (I made reply). "At the gift of adoration to thy Fire, I will bethink me of Right so long as I have power.

Then show me Right, upon whom I call.(Mazda:) "Associating him with Piety, I have come hither. Ask us now what things are here for thee to ask. For thy asking is as that of a mighty one, since he that is able should make thee as a mighty one possessed of thy desire."

As the holy one I recognized thee, Mazda Ahura, when Good Thought came to me, when first by your words I was instructed. Shall it bring me sorrow among men, my devotion, in doing that which ye tell me is the best.

And when thou saidest to me, 'To Right shalt thou go for teaching', then thou didst not command what I did not obey: 'Speed thee, ere my Obedience come, followed by treasure-laden Destiny, who shall render to men severally the destiny of the two-fold award.'

As the holy one I recognized thee, Mazda Ahura, when Good Thought came to me to learn the state of my desire. Grant it me, that which none may compel you to allow, (the wish) for long continuance of blessed existence that they say is in thy Dominion.

If thy provident side, such as an understanding man who has the power would give to his friends, comes to me by the Dominion through Right, then I will bestir myself to set myself in opposition against the foes of thy Law, together with all those who are mindful of thy words.

As the holy one I recognized thee, Mazda Ahura, when Good Thought came to me, when the best Tushna-Matay taught me to declare: "Let not men seek again and again to please the Liars, for they make all the righteous enemies."

And Zarathushtra himself, O Ahura, chooses each one of thy holiest Spirit, O Mazda. May Right be embodied full of life and strength! May Piety abide in the Dominion bright as the sun! May Good Thought give destiny to men according to their works!

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-- Yasna 43 --

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