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English translation of
Holy Zend Avesta - Yasna

English translation by James Darmesteter, Dhalla, B. N. Dhabhar,
L. Mills, J. H. Peterson, C. Bartholomae
taken from


I will speak forth: hear now and hearken now, ye from near and ye from far that desire (instruction). Now observe this in your mind, all of you, for he is revealed. Never shall the false Teacher destroy the Second Life, the Liar, in perversion by his tongue into evil belief.

I will speak of the Spirits twain at the first beginning of the world, of whom the holier spoke thus to the enemy: "Neither thought, nor teachings, nor wills, nor beliefs, nor words, nor deeds, nor selfs, nor souls of us twain agree".

I will speak of that which Mazda Ahura, the all-knowing, revealed to me first in this (earthly) life. Those of you that put not in practice this word as I think and utter it, to them shall be woe at the end of life.

I will speak of what is best for the life. Through Asha I have come to know, O Mazda, who created it (the life), the father of active Good Thought: but his daughter is the good-working Armaiti. The all-observant Ahura is not to be deceived.

I will speak of that which (he), the Holiest declared to me as the word that is best for mortals to obey; while he said: "they who for my sake render him obedience, shall all attain unto Welfare and Immortality by the actions of the Good Spirit" - (he) Mazda Ahura.

I will speak of him who is the greatest of all, praising him, O Right, who is bounteous to all that live. By the holy spirit let Mazda Ahura hearken, in whose Adoration I have been instructed by Good Thought. By his wisdom let him teach me what is best,

Even he whose two awards, whereof he ordains, men shall attain, who so are living or have been or shall be. In immortality shall the soul of the righteous be joyful, in perpetuity shall be the torment of Liars. All this doth Mazda Ahura appoint by his Dominion.

Him thou shouldst seek to win for us by hymns of adoration (in thy mind): "Now indeed have I seen it with mine eye, (the Kingdom) of the good spirit and of (good) action and word, since I have learnt to know Mazda Ahura through Right". Let us offer him homage in the House of Song.

Him thou shouldst seek to propitiate for us together with Good Thought, who at his will maketh us weal or woe. May Mazda Ahura by his Dominion bring us to work, for prospering our beasts and our men, so that we may through Right have familiarity with Good Thought.

Him thou shouldst seek to exalt with prayers of piety, him that is called Mazda Ahura for ever, for that he hath promised through his own Right and Good Thought that Welfare and Immortality shall be for us in his Dominion strength and perpetuity in his house.

Whoso therefore in the future lightly esteemeth the Daeva and those mortals that lightly esteem him - even all others save that one who highly esteemeth him, - unto his shall the holy Daena of the future deliverer, as lord of the house, be friend, brother or father, O Mazda Ahura.

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-- Yasna 45 --

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