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English translation of
Holy Zend Avesta - Yasna

English translation by James Darmesteter, Dhalla, B. N. Dhabhar,
L. Mills, J. H. Peterson, C. Bartholomae
taken from


When at the Recompensings the Right shall smite the Liar, so that what was long since made known shall be assigned to eternity to Daevas and men, then will it exalt with thy blessings, Ahura, him who prays to thee.

Tell me, for thou art he that knows, O Ahura: - shall the Righteous smite the Liar before the retributions come which thou hast conceived? That were indeed a message to bless the world.

For him that knows, that is the best of teachings which the beneficent Ahura teaches through the Right, he the holy one, even thyself, O Mazda, that knows the secret lore through the wisdom of Good Thought.

Whoso, O Mazda, makes his thought (now) better, (now) worse, and likewise his Self by action and by word, and follows his own inclinations, wishes, and choices, he shall in thy purpose be in a separate place at last.

Let good rulers rule us, not evil rulers with the actions of the Good Lore, O Piety! Perfect thou for man, O thou most good, the future birth, and for the cow skilled husbandry. Let her grow fat for our nourishing.

She (Armaiti) will give us peaceful dwelling, she will give lasting life and strength, she the beloved of Good Thought. For it (the cattle) Mazda Ahura made the plants to grow at the birth of the First Life, through Right.

Violence must be put down! against cruelty make a stand, ye who would make sure of the reward of Good Thought through Right, to whose company the holy man belongs. His dwelling place shall be in thy House, O Ahura.

Is the possession of thy good Dominion, Mazda, is that of thy Destiny assured to me Ahura? Will thy manifestation, O thou Right, be welcome to the pious, even the weighing of actions by the Good Spirit?

When shall I know whether ye have power, O Mazda and Right, over everyone whose destructiveness is a menace to me? Let the revelation of Good Thought be confirmed unto me; the future deliverer should know how his own destiny shall be.

When, O Mazda, will the nobles understand the message? When will thou smite the filthiness of this intoxicant, through which the Karapans evilly deceive, and the wicked lords of the lands with purpose fell?

When, O Mazda, shall Piety come with Right, with Dominion the happy dwelling rich with pasture? Who are they that will make peace with the bloodthirsty Liars? To whom will the Lore of Good Thought come?

These shall be the deliverers of the provinces, who exert themselves, O Good Thought in their action, O Asha, to fulfill their duty, face to face with thy command, O Mazda. For these are the appointed smiters of Violence.

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-- Yasna 48 --

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