Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Zend Avesta - Yasna

English translation by James Darmesteter, Dhalla, B. N. Dhabhar,
L. Mills, J. H. Peterson, C. Bartholomae
taken from


Zarathushtra: Can my soul count on any one for help? Who is there found for my herd, who for myself a protector, indeed, at my call other than the Right and thyself. O Mazda Ahura, and the Best Thought?

How, O Mazda, should one desire the luck-bringing cattle, one who would fain it would come to him with the pasture?(Mazda:) They that live uprightly according to the Right among the many that look upon the sun, those whom they stand in judgment, I will settle in the dwellings of the wise.

(Zarathushtra:) So this (reward) shall come to him through the Right, O Mazda, (this reward) which by the Dominion and Good Thought he promised, whomsoever by the power of his Destiny prospers the neighboring possession that now the Liar holds.

I will worship you with praise, O Mazda Ahura, joined with Right and Best Thought and Dominion, that they, desired of pious men, may stand as Judges on the path of the obedient unto the House of Song.

Assured by you, O Mazda Ahura and Right, are the pointings of the hand - since you are well-disposed to your prophet - which shall bring us to bliss, together with visible manifest help.

The prophet Zarathushtra, O Mazda, who lifts up his voice in worship, as friend of Asha - may the Creator of Wisdom teach me his ordinances through Good Thought, that my tongue may have a pathway.

For you I will harness the swiftest steeds, stout and strong, by the promptings of your praise, that ye may come hither, O Mazda, Right, and Good thought.

Ever with verses that are recognized as those of pious zeal I will come before you with outstretched hands, O Mazda, before you, O thou Right, with worship of the faithful man, before you with all the capacity of Good Thought.

With those prayers I would come and praise you, O Mazda and thou Right, with actions of Good Thought. If I be master of my own destiny as I will, then will I take thought for the portion of the wise in the same.

Those actions that I shall achieve and those done aforetime, and those, O Good Thought, that are precious in thy sight, the rays of the sun, the shimmering uprisings of the days, all is for your praise, O thou Right and Mazda Ahura.

Your praiser, Mazda, will I declare myself and be, so long, O Right, as I have strength and power. May the Creator of the world accomplish through Good Thought its fulfillment of all that most perfectly answers to his will.

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-- Yasna 50 --

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