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English translation of
Holy Zend Avesta - Yasna

English translation by James Darmesteter, Dhalla, B. N. Dhabhar,
L. Mills, J. H. Peterson, C. Bartholomae
taken from


Zarathushtra - The best possession known is of Zarathushtra Spitama, which is that Mazda Ahura will give him through Right the glories of blessed life unto all time, and likewise to them that practice and learn the words and actions of his Good Religion.

Then let them seek the pleasure of Mazda with thoughts, words, and actions, unto him praise gladly, and seek his worship, even Kava Vishtaspa, and Zarathushtra's son, the Spitamid, with Frashaoshtra, making straight the paths for the Religion of the future Deliverer which Ahura ordained.

Him, O Pouruchista, thou scion of Haechataspa and Spitama, youngest of Zarathushtra's daughters, hath (Zarathushtra) appointed as one to enjoin on them the fellowship with Good Thought, Right, and Mazda. So take counsel with thine own understanding, with good insight practice the holiest works of Piety.

(Jamaspa): Earnestly will I lead her to the Faith, that she may serve her father and her husband, the farmers and the nobles, as a righteous woman (serving) the righteous. The glorious heritage of Good Thought ... shall Mazda Ahura give to her for all time.

(Zarathushtra): Teachings address I to maidens marrying, and to you (bridegrooms) giving counsel. Lay them to heart and learn to get them within your Selves in earnest attention to the Life of Good Thought. Let each of you strive to excel the other in the Right, for it will be a prize for that one.

So is it in fact, ye men and women! Whatever happiness ye look for in the follower of the (...) that will be snatched away from his person. To them the Liars, crying 'woe', shall be ill-food, paradise shall be lost to them that despite righteousness. In such wise ye destroy for yourselves the Spiritual Life.

And to you shall accrue the reward of the Brotherhood - in so far as the most faithful zeal is in your flesh and blood - there where the spirit of the Liar, cringing and cowering, shall fall down into destruction. If you separate yourselves from the Brotherhood, then will 'woe!' be your word at the end of things.

So they whose deeds are evil, let them be deceived, and let them all howl, abandoned to ruin. Through good rulers let him bring death and bloodshed upon them and peace from these (their assaults) unto the happy villagers. Grief let him bring on those, he that is the greatest, with the lord of death; and soon let it be.

To men of evil creed belongs the place of corruption. They that set themselves to condemn the worthy, despising righteousness, forfeiting their own body. - Where is the Righteous Lord who shall rob them of life and freedom? Thine Mazda is the Dominion, whereby thou canst give to the right-living poor man the better portion.

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-- Yasna 53 --

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