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Change log

1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

  • For learning HTML, created a webiste about myself (my hobbies, projects, education, skills etc.) on a 'localhost'.
  • Hosted homepage for free on Geocities.

  • Moved personal homepage from GeoCities to BigFoot to get a shorter URL.
  • Searched for and luckily purchased domain
  • Moved personal homepage from BigFoot to Pair networks hosting with the new domain.
  • Redesigned personal homepage.
  • Received comments that it should be a spiritual site rather than personal homepage.
  • Purchased domains & and pointed them to

  • Redesigned personal site.
  • Received more comments about spiritual vs. personal.
  • Read the Holy Bhagavad Gita.
  • Replaced personal site with Holy Bhagavad Gita.
  • Added Holy Bible.
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Changed site structure to two pane tree/detail view.
  • Title of site: 'i s h w a r'.
  • Added Holy Quran (Yusuf Ali).
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Changed site structure to web pages with menu bar on top/bottom.

  • Added Holy Dhammapada.
  • Added Holy Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Changed site structure to split large HTML files into parts to facilitate readability.
  • Added Navigation bar (previous, next, up).
  • Added Holy Tanakh (Torah, Ketuvim, Neviim).
  • Replaced pictures of prophets with religious symbols.
  • Added Search capability using htDig.
  • Added Downloads section.
  • Title of site: ' - resource for religions texts'.
  • Moved web hosting from Pair networks to Denish Inc.

  • Added Holy Akaranga Sutra.
  • Added Daily quote (non spiritual).
  • Purchased domains, & and pointed them to

  • Added Holy Confucian Canon (Analects, Mencius, Doctrine of Mean, Great Learning).
  • Added Holy Kitab I Aqdas.
  • Added Holy Tao Te Ching.
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Split all pages into two column layout to facilitate readability.
  • Added themes: symbols, flowers, nature, joy, galaxy, abstract.
  • Each theme has different website:,,,,,
  • Title of site: 'Love the Lord!'.
  • Converted all texts into eBook formats: PDF, PRC, LIT.
  • Added eBooks section.
  • Added Books section.
  • Added merchandise Shop.
  • Consolidated all themes as daily rotation into
  • Released domains,,,,

  • Added Holy Kitab I Iqan.
  • Added Epistle to the Son of Wolf.
  • Added Prayers & Meditations by Bahaullah.
  • Added Holy Saddharma Pundarika.
  • Added Holy Mahayana Texts.
  • Added Holy Digha Nikaya.
  • Added Deuterocanonical Apocrypha.
  • Added Holy Vedas.
  • Added Holy Upanishads.
  • Added Holy Quran (E.H.Palmer).
  • Added Holy Quran (Mohammed Pickthall).
  • Added Holy Quran (Arabic Romanised transliteration).
  • Added Holy Kalpa Sutra.
  • Added Holy Kojiki.
  • Added Holy Nihongi.
  • Added Holy Chuang Tzu.
  • Added Holy Zend Avesta.
  • Redesigned site layout.
  • Created index page for each religion.
  • Added Listen, Translate, Print, Send features.
  • Added About, FAQs, Forum, Donate, Sitemap, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy sections.
  • Converted all additional texts into eBook formats: PDF, PRC, LIT.
  • Created Data CD containing all texts in all formats.
  • Created text only/mobile version of site.
  • Created logo for the site.
  • Title of site: 'I Love GOD'.
  • Added Errata.
  • Changed daily quote from non-spiritual to spiritual.
  • Added Wallpaper.
  • Added daily quote as XML RSS feed.
  • Added eCards.
  • Added daily quote as Newsletter via email.
  • Added Change log.
  • Started a Blog.
  • Added Screensaver.
  • Changed from htDig to Google Search
  • Changed financial model (shop, books) to be non-profit.
  • Moved web hosting from Denish Inc to 1&1.

  • Reorganized Vedas and Tanakh for simplicity.
  • Finished spell checking texts and then fixed all spelling errors and republished eBooks.
  • Improved website Usability, added links to texts on homepage and reorganized top/bottom links.
  • Added 'Sources' page listing source of each text and 'Links' page to swap links.
  • Added 'Introduction' to index page of all texts.
  • Changed all HTML downloads and CD to have actual webpages rather than bare pages.
  • Introduced and then stopped the single-religion-symbol 'I Love GOD' merchandise.
  • Changed 'I Love GOD' license from NonCommercial ShareAlike to ShareAlike (more flexible).
  • Sent 'I Love GOD' printed postcards to over 70 influential people world wide.
  • Created, created an Ad for it and sent printed Ad to 200 religious places.

  • Finished manually fine-tuning formatting issues in texts.
  • Website down for few days (first and hopefully last time ever).
  • Removed eCards, Translate this page and Contact form due to insecure scripts.
  • Changed homepage theme to change every weekday instead of each hour.
  • Improved Usability - Re-organized the Homepage links and the Header/Footer.
  • Revamped the Religion pages to include more info and be more usable.
  • Featured I Love GOD products prominently on homepage of
  • Re-introduced the single-religion-symbol 'I Love GOD' merchandise.
  • Stopped and folded it into
  • Created Ads for single-religion products and mailed them to Churches, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues.
  • Added Holy Hadith.
  • Added Holy Sutta Nipata.

  • Added Bhagavad Gita (sanskrit).
  • Added Tao Te Ching (chinese).
  • Added Kitab I Aqdas (arabic).
  • Added Kitab I Iqan (arabic).
  • Added Confucian Analects (chinese).
  • Added Mencius (chinese).
  • Added Doctrine of Mean (chinese).
  • Added Great Learning (chinese).
  • Added wide selection of books on homepage and religions pages.
  • Added new 'Persons' theme.
  • Modified existing 'Abstract' theme.

  • Added new logo 'Peace'.
  • Added new logo 'Love'.
  • Added new logo 'Truth'.
  • Added new logo 'Infinity'.
  • Added new logo 'Light'.
  • Cleaned up the header and footer.
  • Removed t-shirts and book sales links entirely.
  • Changed the daily quote to be automatic.
  • Changed the home page layout and themes to use AJAX and Imagemap for faster switching of themes.

  • Added Arabic Quran
  • Added Latin Bible
  • Added Hebrew Torah
  • Added Gurumukhi Sri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Bahai - combined Arabic & English texts in single place
  • Confucianism - combined Chinese & English texts in single place
  • Hinduism - combined Sanskrit & English texts in single place
  • Taoism - combined Chinese & English texts in single place
  • Added menu bar on top
  • Added navigation bar on top
  • Quote of the day is now expanded to include all religions
  • Introduced the 'Do you Love GOD?' poll on the homepage
  • Cosmetic changes to homepage layout

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