Peace is the answer  
English translation of
Holy Akaranga Sutra
English translation by Hermann Jacobi
taken from

Seven Lectures - Lecture 2

When a monk or a nun wishes to go to a pure place for study, they should not accept one which is infected by eggs or living beings.; for it is impure and unacceptable. But if that place for study to which they wish to go, is free from eggs or living beings, they may accept it; for it is pure and acceptable.

In this way all that has been said in the corresponding passage about couches should be repeated here as far as 'water-plants.'

If parties of two, three, four, or five (mendicants) resolve to go to the place for study, they should not embrace or hug, bite with their teeth or scratch with their nails each other's body.


This is the whole duty.

Thus I say.

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-- Seven Lectures - Lecture 2 --

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